To change the world to what it can be, you need to first change yourself to what you can be.

Confidential, Outside Perspective for
Leaders in Mission-based Organizations.


You have all the responsibilities and pressures of any executive in the private sector. Only with a tighter budget, a smaller staff, and higher stakes for success or failure.

Your job rates among the toughest of all executive roles.

It also can be the most rewarding. Your success is measured not in dollars made but in lives improved.

My goal: Help you to make the greatest contribution in a complex world with the least stress and greatest satisfaction.



Leading Effectively

 The top isn’t so much lonely as it is isolated. Effective leaders both welcome and relish candid feedback from their teams and other constituents. The most effective leaders seek and value a fresh, empathetic perspective from an experienced executive advisor from outside the organization's orbit.

The Coaching Process

Executives of nonprofit and mission-based organizations grow their capacities in a facilitated Intentional Development Process. This integrates:

  • Purposeful dialog
  • Guided self-examinations
  • Data gathering and synthesis
  • Action learning assignments

Executive Coaching Programs

Specializing in nonprofits and mission-based organizations, I offer a variety of executive coaching plans at different levels of investment, from on-going to one-time. One of these approaches likely will work for you and your specific situation.  Contact me and we'll discover what's most appropriate for you.